Liberty Grad Night 2018

The parents of the class of 2018 are carrying on a Liberty Falcons tradition by providing our students with a safe & sober all-night celebration for their graduation. This all-night party allows for the making of many great memories. It is an evening filled with friends, food, games and prizes. Learn more about Grad Night here.


Our fundraising goal for the Liberty Grad Night Class of 2018 is $35,000. We are looking for volunteers to help come up with ideas and take charge of a fundraiser or two. You can partner with someone and work together on a fundraiser too! We cannot do this without your help. Please contact us at if you would like to head up a fundraiser.

In addition to purchasing Grad Night Tickets online, you can now purchase Senior Parking Spaces directly from the website! A fee of $1.50 has been added to each item to cover PayPal transaction fees. 

Meetings & Grad Night Events

Please take a moment to check out and subscribe to the Calendar. All meetings and events will be posted there.


Grad Night Ticket

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(2) Trivia Night Tickets

Trivia Night Table